Uber Cinema Notes are notes I compile after seeing a feature-length film/movie (defined by me as longer than 60 minutes). They're not really reviews, because I hate reviews. They're merely notes of my viewing experience. They will reflect how I feel about a film/movie. So, it's a good place to go for that. But they also can serve as a review. They will not necessarily give you a good outline on the plot. You can easily find a plot synopsis at the imdb. I've provided a link to the imdb entry in the title of the movie the notes are being written for.

Uber Cinema Notes may or may not contain spoilers. I'm of the mindset that reviews should be read after you've seen a movie to get perspective from someone else. As opposed to determining whether or not you should see it. I think that should be determined by the director, plot, cast, etc. But I'm in the minority on this issue. Be warned that my notes may or may not contain spoilers (even the ending). Don't come crying to me if I spoiled it for you!

The notes taken/posted date will serve as an indicator of when I saw the film/movie, unless otherwise noted. Not sure if you give a damn, but I put it there mainly as a reference for myself. Old notes will say "taken," but I changed this to "posted" since that makes way more sense.

Recent Notes contain the ten most recent films/movies I've seen and written notes for. They are ordered by most recently seen at the top. Some are put out then put back in if I happen to see it again. A complete list of cinema I've seen recently can be found at Seen in 2008

I took a super long hiatus from writing a while back. And beginning in September of 2007, I started up again. We'll see how long it lasts.

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