a prophet

shutter island

a single man

Uber Cinema recommendations are only for flicks that are currently playing in San Francisco. I recommend these flicks because I either loved them, liked them, enjoyed them, or think they're worth seeing (sometimes just because they look so good). Sometimes I won't put a flick I liked into the Recommended list because I think it's not likely folks will dig it.

Though there are some great flicks out at the rep houses, I won't be recommending them since they usually play for one day or not very long (too hard to keep up with it).

Naturally, not everyone will like the flicks I recommend. Often, I find that I like flicks most people don't and vice versa. So take this for what it's worth. But if you value/trust my opinion of film, then perhaps you should check it out!

A note of caution: most of the flicks I tend to like are arthouse flicks. These are often differently paced (slower than Hollywood fare), period pieces, foreign flicks, etc. If you aren't an arthouse junkie like me, you might want to read more about them before seeing them.