The The 2018 Ufie Winners have been announced!

The Uber Film Awards (Ufies, to those in the know) were created in order to properly and correctly acknowledge superior efforts in the filmmaking industry. Since every other Cinema Awards committee commits heinous crimes of voting things like Crash for Best Picture, I felt it necessary to alleviate my monumental anger and disappointment by having my own cinema awards.

The Ufies are like any other congratulatory ceremony where exceptional efforts in the filmmaking industry are rewarded. The key difference is that they are nominated and awarded by one person - me.

Eligibility for nominated flicks are for cinema that were released in SF during the standard calendar year, were funded/produced domestically (with the exception of the Best Foreign Film category), and were seen by me.

In the past, I have gone along with the other Cinema Awards calendars so that I have the same list as they do to work with. But beginning with 2002, I am saying "screw it" to that concept. Beginning with the 2002 Ufies, I am going to allow the list of eligible cinema to only be considered if they were released in SF during the calendar year. So, cinema that received a release only in LA/NY on the last day of the year are not eligible. Cinema released by the end of the calendar year but seen by me after the calendar year are eligible. It's all messed up, but I think my way is the best. Naturally! This criteria will most certainly result in a complete mismatching for foreign cinema, which tend to get released here the year after they were released (and considered) in their home country. Oh well. I can't nominate what I can't see.

Foreign films are not eligible for awards other than Best Foreign Film and Best Example that Arthouse Films Can Also Be Utter Crap. I think specific awards for foreign films should be a whole separate thing. And since I really don't see enough from different countries and not enough are released in the U.S., I don't feel qualified to do a separate awards for foreign cinema.

There is a bit of gray area for determining U.S. cinema vs. foreign cinema, where cinema receive part of their funding from the U.S. In those cases, I make a decision as to whether or not I consider the film/movie to be eligible. Factors are cast/crew, location and language spoken, typically.

Soundtracks are not the released soundtracks, but the tracks of songs / score used in a flick.

Nominations can be from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 entries, except in extremely sad years when there are no decent candidates. It HAS happened. And, nominees can be changed at any time by me prior to the ceremony.